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       Mahoning Valley Two Meter Contest
                Sponsored by the MVARA



The Mahoning Valley Two Meter Contest is Saturday May 30, 2020 from 1:00 to 4:00pm. It wil give Valley hams an opportunity to talk to old friends and make new ones. This is an FM simplex contest and stations will simply exchange grid squares as defined in the contest rules.

No 100 watt base station, no problem. There will be a QRP power category of 5 watts or less and a high power category of greater than 5 watts so everyone will have a level playing field.

Contest rules can be downloaded here.  Logs are due by June 25, 2020. Awards will be given for the highest scoring Low Power Fixed and High Power Fixed stations at the August 30, 2020 MVARA meeting.

This first MVARA 2 Meter Contest is dedicated to the memory of pioneer Valley ham Lou Malice WA8PKN whose dedication to amateur radio touched the lives of all of us. Even if you never had the pleasure of knowing Lou you are still part of his legacy. Chances are good that the hams who inspired and encouraged you to become part of amateur radio were, themselves, inspired, encouraged, and trained by Lou.